16 Feb 2018

RwandaOnline Platform Ltd (ROPL) launched irembo.gov.rw in 2014 with the aim of making it a one-stop center for all government services for citizens. Of the close to 3M transactions to date, well over 50% have been transacted through agents. ROPL would like to increase self-service among citizens and as such would like to take a fresh look at its web experience to better adjust it to users needs. This is mostly targeted at urban dwellers with access to Internet cafes or other computer and network sources. RwandaOnline Platform Ltd would like to engage a UX/UI Consulting firm to better orient its web experience.


The ideal consultant will be a well-rounded UX Designer who is able to understand our business requirements and any technical limitations, as well as be responsible for conceiving and conducting user research, interviews and surveys, and translating them into sitemaps, user flows, customer journey maps, wireframes, mockups and prototypes. The consultant must be able to connect the dots between business needs, innovation and good design. He/she should understand how to promote and use research to guide design decisions, and have a particular bent to data and technology driven applications. He/she is skilled at driving a user experience from start-to-finish that delivers results, connects emotionally, and create an effective consumer experience. The UX designer will also be expected to design the overall functionality of our product, and in order to ensure a great user experience, iterate upon it in accordance with user testing.


Key outcomes:

UX Research, User Testing:

·           Understand our users’ challenges with the platform; connect these to tried and true

             metrics for usability

·           Suggest adjustments to key functionality flow such as registration, log in, finding a

              service, applying etc. that can work better in our local context.

UI and Technology Recommendations:

·           Propose user tested new UI components and flows that will allow more users to be able

              to use the platform without help.  

·           Propose tools and frameworks to use to continuously get user data from the UI that will

              help us to grow our understanding of users and make continuous changes to the


·           Create a flow that gets from landing to submit applications with minimal ease especially

              for the top most sought after services.

·           Create a frontend prototype that Users can engage with and give us quick turn around 




The consultant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Design, Computer Science, Psychology or any other related field.


·           4+ years experience as a key, hands-on interaction/visual designer of a UI/UX team

              through the product development cycle of successfully launched web, mobile and

              software applications. Strong skills in visual design preferred.

·           Experience creatively solving hard problems; solving innovative and complex products

              within deadlines

·           Proven experience driving complex design issues across multi-disciplinary groups such as

              Development, QA, Program Management, other designers and research

·           Proficient with a range of interaction design, visualization, and rapid design prototyping

              tools including Sketch (a must!), InVision, Flinto, and Principle

·           Prior experience with agile mobile development a bonus. Prior experience with JIRA a


Communication Skills:

The role of the consultant will involve some fairly complex research concepts that the client will find difficult to understand in their raw version. For this reason, he/she must possess excellent communication skills to be able to relay these research methodology concepts and findings to product department personnel and to other collaborating personnel in a clear, simple, and relatable manner. Consultants’ communication skills have to be good both in written and verbal form. The working language will be English.

Problem Solving:

The role of the consultant is a role designed for the formulation of actionable research solutions for the product and product departments’ research issues. For this reason, the consultant must possess an effective problem solving ability even under short notice. The UX Researcher must be able to come up with creative solutions and consider a variety of alternative solutions for each problem.


The position of consultant also demands the delivery of detailed, high quality, engaging, and interactive presentations to the Senior Management and product departments. For this purpose, it is essential that he/she have proficiency in Sketch, InDesign, Illustrator, Keynote and Photoshop computer software.

Interpersonal Skills:

The consultant must display a genuine passion for product-centric innovation; an ability to work well independently as well as with a team; must have a keen and exceptional attention to details; and more importantly, an ability to identify root recommendations inspired by the consumers’ needs and behaviors.


RwandaOnline Platform Ltd now invites interested and qualified individual consultants to submit technical proposals (Detailed CVs showing qualifications and experience as below described, Degrees, certificates, etc) and financial proposals in separate envelopes. Duration of the assignment is 1 month renewable.


Evaluation criteria and marking


This tender shall be conducted under Quality Based Selection (QBS) method, whereby only the best-qualified consultant shall be invited for financial negotiation. The technical evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

1.     Education: 25 points

2.     Experience: 30 points

3.     Communication skills: 15 points

4.     Problem solving: 5 points

5.     Software: 5 points

6.     Interpersonal skills: 5 points

7.     Candidates oral Interview: 15 points


Technical and Financial proposals (in separate envelops) in English should be addressed to the attention of: The Managing Director, M&M Plaza 5th floor, KG 8Av Gishushu, P.O. Box: 3473 Kigali, Rwanda, Tel: (+250) 782003600. Proposals should be submitted in hard copy at the reception at the above-mentioned address. For any clarification, please use this email: procurement@rwandaonline.rw


The deadline for submission of proposals is ..../02/2018 at 10.00am at the ROPL reception at the above-mentioned address. The opening of proposals will be on the same day at 11.00am


 Done at Kigali on 15/02/2018





Managing Director